Chomick+Meder Market

Welcome to our Pin Shop!

Our handcrafted pins are fun to wear,
they can also be framed and enjoyed as a unique wall decoration.

Our Market opens August 19th, 2021 – Please register to purchase items from our shop



    Chris Chomick + Peter Meder

    Artist member elected in 1997
    Location: St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

    Our design process starts with an attitude. We find inspiration in strange and unusual imagery: beautiful but disturbing, intriguing yet provoking feelings of uneasiness. Unique faces, outrageous hairstyles, century-old religious icons, ornately embellished wax effigies—these are the creative seeds for many of our figures. Animation has been a driving force in both of our lives.

    As children we were each fascinated with animated window displays, stop-motion puppets, mechanical toys—anything that came alive through movement. We met in Chicago in 1978 and combined the knowledge and strengths of our diverse art backgrounds, which led to the creation of our first “doll,” a stop-motion puppet for a national television commercial, which, in turn, led to a career in special effects.

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