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    Creager Studios

    Jodi + Richard Creager

    Artist member elected in 1991
    Location: Arizona, USA

    Our work is a collaboration of artistic visions… two separate and different visions with one common thread. This thread is then woven into a collaborative concept of two minds, and a design is born. We have been designing art dolls together since 1977. Our love for, and appreciation of, studying the customs and traditions of the world’s varied ethnic groups has given us a rich palette of characters from which to create. As a character develops, we become emotionally involved in the life and story we have created for each piece. Knowing the character inside and out helps us to breathe life into the doll.

    Our work begins with an idea! Designs and layout are sketched and discussed. Then it is off to our studios. Jodi begins work on sculpting and painting the head, while Richard creates armatures and works on the legs. The torso is then created and hands are sculpted. When finished, the pieces of the doll are joined together in an animated pose. Finishing touches include costuming, leather shoes, hair and accessories. The doll is then photographed by Richard.

    When it is complete, the doll is a true collaborative effort from start to finish. To be able to create a human form, an image, a personality…to be able to express what we have inside and to put into form our mind’s and heart’s vision and to stir emotions in the viewer…all from a piece of clay …this is our true joy.

    email: creagers@aol.com
    web: www.creagers.com
    social: Facebook | Pinterest